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good evening blog readers! it is with great pleasure that i announce the official opening of my etsy shop, Root Lore Goods. root lore goods is a one woman show offering homestead crafts and herbal delights. everything in my shop is handmade by me, down to the drawings on my labels and business cards! many of the herbs used in my offerings are also grown right here on this little rental homestead. you will find a link to my shop in the header of the blog home page from now on.

i’m so excited to finally get the ball rolling on starting my own business. becoming an entrepreneur is something i’ve wanted to pursue since high school. i’ve had many ideas over the years, but i realized the easiest and most authentic path was to offer goods that i’ve already been making for our family for years! when i first began my homesteading journey, i was a) unsatisfied with products on the market that contained toxins and were produced in an unsustainable manner and b) sought higher quality and less expensive goods by making them myself. opening my own shop feels like a natural extension of those desires.


Root Lore Goods is my offering to others of handmade products inspired by the abundance of nature and based on the belief that each person has the right to create a happy, healthy, and sustainable life.

in a few words, i am here to create nature-based self care items. right now, i’m offering herbal sleep pillows and herbal bath blends. in the coming month, i will be adding a dry skin salve, an all-purpose lip balm, and a rose moisturizing lotion. everything offered in my shop is made with herbs – plants and flowers used for beauty and healing. all the herbs i use are either purchased from usda organic and sustainable growers/ harvesters, or grown/ harvested by me using organic methods. i’m committed to ethical and sustainable herbalism – anything less would feel inauthentic. i make all my sleep pillow and bath blends to order, packing the herbs the morning they ship to ensure freshness.


i also finally got around to writing and publishing my first zine, another years-long dream! it’s titled taking herbal baths and it’s a short zine about using herbs for bathing, personal care, and self love. i’m stoked my first ever publication is on DIY herbalism. using herbs has greatly improved my quality of life and i started small with cosmetic applications like baths. the zine is hand drawn and printed on nice cream paper. i will be including one with each of my bath blends for free, as well as on it’s own.


i plan to continue expanding the shop over the next year, eventually adding tea blends which are my true passion. i’ve been making my own tea for five years and will be adding it to the shop once we move out of georgia (where online sales of cottage foods across state lines is not allowed). i will also be adding more zines and nature-inspired crafts.


taking the plunge to open my small business is both scary and awesome. i’ve already spent a significant amount of money on both the raw materials and the equipment i needed to set up my shop (a DSLR camera being at the top of that list). i like to think of the time and money spent as an investment in myself. i’m already enjoying getting to be my own boss, set my own hours, and feel like the hard work i’m putting in means something.

thanks to all for your support! from now through next weds 11/29 everything in my shop is 10% off. as we head into the holiday seasons, keep in mind small business owners and makers. when you shop small you support an actual human and their family, not some big faceless corporation. there are SOO many amazing and talented folks over on etsy, and i know tons of them are hosting holiday sales over the weekend ❤

2 thoughts on “root lore goods

  1. Congrats on opening your store! That’s super exciting!

  2. Can’t wait for the teas….which I’ve sampled and are delish! happy for you! 💜💜🐝

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