about me

christine. a small-time homesteader on the path to financial independence. vegetarian, yogi, and love of cats. believer in regenerative culture, earth-based religion, and the interconnectedness of all personal actions. i want to help others live in harmony with themselves and nature by practicing do-it-yourself personal power – in our homes, in our wallets, in our communities, and in our selves. i am inspired by and study ecology, arboriculture, mycology, appalachian culture, economics, spirituality, world religions, herbalism, holistic medicine, permaculture, poetry, twin peaks, and bruce springsteen.

six years ago, i set out on a journey to live debt free and work towards financial independence. this goal lead me all over the place – learning homesteading, self-reliance, and earth skills // exploring self care through herbalism, yoga, and home cooking // embracing DIY and decommodified culture // and fermenting everything from kombucha to salsa. i became a certified arborist. i worked as a restorer of ecosystems. i traveled, hiked, and camped all over the eastern us. eventually i started my own business, root lore goods, which offers nature-based self-care items and handmade crafts from my homestead.


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