root lore is a project about DIY simple living in connection with the natural world. my goal is to empower you to live a healthy, happy, and sustainable life that tends to the ecosystems around you and within you. the ways i discuss achieving this goal include small-scale homesteading, value-based personal finance, self-care practices, and nature-based learning and living.

for the last seven years, i have been practicing homesteading in an effort to establish a frugal and earth-friendly lifestyle. i couple these practices with a clear personal finance plan built on value-based spending. these aspects of my life have worked synergistically to allow me great freedom in crafting a lifestyle that feels right to me. instead of following the traditional scheme of working 40-hours a week until mid-60’s retirement, i am working towards achieving financial independence at a much younger age. currently, i have achieved the financial mobility to work part-time, run a small business, and enjoy extended periods of travel, learning, and spending time with loved ones.

i write honestly about my personal experiences in the hope to inspire others to explore a life built on play, relationships, learning, and environmental stewardship instead of a “job”. the cornerstone for this journey is the empowerment to make-it-yourself. i don’t expect anyone to follow in my exact footsteps. read through posts with an open mind, take what works for you in your life situation, and make it your own. and don’t forget to share what you’ve learned and accomplished!

in the root lore blog you fill find a library of posts related to homesteading, finance, self-care, and nature. i publish new content every week, as my personal journey continues to evolve. if you are just joining us, here are some fundamental posts to begin with for each topic.


simple living solutions for the home – easy, eco-friendly, make-it-yourself replacements for traditional home goods such as cleaners, detergents, and paper products.

food solutions for small spaces – solutions for producing and storing food that don’t require land or a large garden.

homesteading in small spaces, the zine – a 14-page hand drawn zine with ideas and practices for sustainable living and self-sufficiency for renters and others who don’t own land.

personal finance

let’s start talking about money – an introductory post to personal finance.

defining money – the teaching that money is something we choose to trade our life energy for, and how to practically apply that idea to build sustainable, clear spending goals.

financial independence – defining the idea of financial independence as reaching a point where the earnings from passive income have succeeded living expenses.

self care

practices category – bookmark this tab for self-care rituals and practices focused on cultivating self love, intuition, and good health.

make-it-yourself category – this tab includes all recipes, tutorials, and idea posts for things you can make and do yourself at home.

nature connection

the importance of outside – a look at our relationship with our environment, and how that informs decision making and lifestyle.

nature journalling – a creative practice for connecting to your local environment.

living in nature – lessons about spending time in nature daily and cultivating a personal practice of connecting to our environment.


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