winter shop update

happy friday y’all. not a real post today, just popping in to let you know about my winter shop update. i’ve stocked my apothecary shevles with many new herbal delights over the winter, including bitters, herbal teas, and a couple skin care products. you can find everything in my shop here, and a list of all the goods after the cut!

herbal bitters

bitters are a traditional herbal preparation made by extracting plant material in alcohol, vinegar, or any other liquid menstruum. traditionally, bitters were taking before meals to stimulate the appetite and kick start digestion, as well as after meals to stimulate the flow of bile. bitters are also a key cocktail ingredient – i’ve heard them best described as that “secret ingredient” that ties the cocktail all together and enhances the flavors, much like salt does to food. my bitters are all handmade and carefully extracted in high-proof spirits.

warm harmony elixir – lavender + lemon balm. mood-elevating, uplifting botanical bitters. this blend of five extracts tastes naturally sweet, like a cup of sunshine. made to cheer you up and help you find joy. use this elixir in teas, sparkling water, or floral/ fruity cocktails.

flower + root bitters – chamomile, dandelion root, yellow dock root. tasty digestive bitters drawing on the sun’s energy. these bitters are floral, fruity, and potent. this anti-inflammatory preparation is cooling and calming, made with three classic digestive herbs. great first thing in the morning and before and after meals.

coffee bitters – coffee, cacao, allspice. stimulating & focusing extract. these simple bitters are made for your favorite savory cocktail. vanilla beans and allspice are included to enhance the multi-faceted flavors of the dark roast coffee used in this extract. you can add this extract to your morning coffee to bring out the coffee flavors that aren’t present from just brewing with hot water.

clarity bitters – white pine, juniper berries, rosemary.  for banishing negativity & clearing space. this woodsy blend is crafted to help alleviate the negative thought patterns we all find ourselves in. these bitters taste herbal and piney, and would be great in a cocktail or with tea.

rose + cardamom bitters – rose, cardamom, grapefruit. a floral extract for love & light. these floral bitters are made for mixing with sparkling wines and waters, as well as in delicate cocktails and teas.

cacao bitters – cacao, rose hips, damiana, chili peppers. aphrodisiac, stimulating, warming. these bitters play on chocolate flavors with hints of fruit and spiciness. this tincture works great in rich cocktail recipes, spicy herbal tea blends, or a warm glass of your favorite milk.

herbal teas

blending herbal tea is my first plant passion and what got me interested in herbalism! i’m proud to be offering organic herbal teas that are all naturally caffeine free. my tea is all loose leaf.

happy belly – peppermint, fennel, ginger, lemon fruit. a minty blend of organic herbs and dried fruit for healthy digestion this is a tasty, digestive tea for sipping after meals to calm the stomach.

self love – rose petals + hips, red raspberry, damiana, nettle, red clover. this nutritive, fruity tea blend is ruby red in color and packed with vitamins!

rest easy – chamomile, spearmint, roses, lavender, oranges. a classic blend of herbs for better sleep. this tea blend is minty and floral, and designed to relax the mind and unwind the body before bed.

reishi chai – reishi mushrooms, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, peppercorns. a spicy chai blend perfect for making lattes. this tea is my take on chai blend, incorporating reishi mushrooms instead of black tea.

tend + mend – lavender, lemon balm, linden, milky oats, passionflower.  a floral blend of organic herbs for stress relief and anxiety. this is a go-to tea for uplifting your mood and relieving negative feelings.

skin care

all my skin care offerings are born of products we use for our family. i use only 100% organic herbs, carrier oils, and butters to ensure the highest quality and safe use.

cedar + clove deodorant – a natural non-toxic deodorant that smells like the spring woods. this aluminum-free deodorant both pulls odors from the underarms AND nourishes the skin. made with coconut oil slow infused with comfrey leaves grown on our homestead. comfrey is herbal first aid for you skin, moisturizing and mending irritated skin.

mango + dandelion body butter – a rich and luscious body butter, made with only two base ingredients: mango butter and olive oil. the olive oil base was slow infused with hand picked dandelion flowers, which are know for their mild analgesic power as well as a soother for irritated skin. the oil is whipped together with mango butter, a moisturizing and soothing butter high in essential fatty acids. the resulting body butter is a treat for your skin. lightly scented with chamomile and lemon essential oils.

thanks to everyone for your continued support of the root lore project. blog content will always be free ❤ so buying herbal items from my shop directly supports the work i do on this blog!


1 thought on “winter shop update

  1. love these products! Clarity bitters are helping with my sinus issues too!

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