autumn shop update

t’s been a prolific late summer and i have lots of herbal goodies to share in my autumn shop update. here’s a link to the shop – or click through for details ❤

much of my focus in the last couple months has been on face care. like i said in the last post, i had acne and skin problems all through my twenties, and turned to natural products for relief. the next few offerings comprise my face care routine, and i’m glad to be sharing them with you. here’s a link to my shop.


cocoa rose face cream. i spent many hours testing recipes in search of the perfect face cream. and i’m happy to say, i feel like i found it. this cream has only three main ingredients – cocoa butter, rose-infused sweet almond oil, and rose water. it’s light and airy, and oh so fragrant. if you love roses (like i do), you’ll love this cream.


herbal facial toner. my version of queen of hungary’s water, s traditional beauty preparation dating back to the 1300s. this is a down to earth daily astringent toner, made of an infusion of nine herbs and flowers. lemon balm, chamomile, rose petals, calendula flowers, comfrey, rosemary, sage, elder flowers, and orange peel are infused for a full moon cycle in organic, raw apple cider vinegar. the vinegar base is then carefully strained and mixed with rose witch hazel extract. the toner is applied after a wash to close the pores and tone the skin.

ruby red face steam. i’ve been getting into monthly facials, and i love a good steam. roses, hibiscus, red raspberry, comfrey, and calendula, this steam softens the skin. moreover, i love the ritual of steaming because it calms the mind and feels warm and cozy.


i’m also selling the above three items with my face wash grains, comprising a complete herbal face care set.


elder and calendula all-purpose salve. in stock in this autumn is a fresh batch of all purpose salve, which i use for cuts, burns, scrapes, and dry skin – especially tough areas like cuticles and skin around joints.


night time ritual set. finally, i updated these sweet little self-care sets. my hand-drawn night time rituals zine, a big tin of bedtime balm, and a choice of a sleep pillow or a dream pillow. these sets make me so happy.


if you’ve been around a while, you might also notice a change in the look of things here! i’ve been working hard to update root lore goods to better reflect my mission and values. i redesigned the blog, website, and logo, and overhauled my etsy page. the final step was retaking all my product photography, and i’m really happy with the results. october marks root lore goods’ one year anniversary, and i’m looking forward to another lovely year!

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