spring shop update

the shop is still open throughout my travels! my partner, andrew, generously offered to assist with shipping orders while i’m away. a number of items have been added to the shop which were made for the valentine’s day market i participated in. new items include linen napkins, beeswax wraps, two new zines, a bedtime balm, a night time ritual set, springtime flowers bath salts, and my favorite ever face wash grains. also, the lip balm recipe has been updated and perfected and i am quite proud of the results!


as always, all these items can be found here in my etsy shop!


set of two linen napkins, double-sided for durability.


set of four beeswax wraps, made from south georgia pine rosin and organic beeswax.


night time ritual sets! your choice of a sleep or dream pillow, a 2 oz tin of bedtime balm, and a little zine ❤


bedtime balm! a blend of five herbs for sleep – chamomile, passionflower, valerian, lavender, and lemon balm. slow herbal oil infusions, combined with melted beeswax.


i had some extra floral bath salts made from spring time flowers harvested on the homestead!


flower power face wash grains. i’ve been using these grains for years and they are my favorite skin care ritual. i mix them wet with honey and rose water as shown in the photo, but i ship them dry. made with four flowers for lovely skin – calendula grown here, lavender, roses, and elder flowers. plus oatmeal and clay. the best!


my first full length zine, which deserves its own post – coming soon.


another shot of the zine – night time rituals – which includes tips for better sleep and four of my favorite yoga poses for relaxation.

thanks again to everyone for your support. root lore goods has been one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures of my life!

1 thought on “spring shop update

  1. love everthing I bought! the wraps are great!!!

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