make: autumn crafts


autumn, finally! i’ve been having a hard time getting into the mood because it’s been so  hot here, but putting up some fall decorations helped! i feel that decorating for the seasons helps me get more in tune with nature’s cycles. i like to keep my decorations handmade and inspired by what’s currently happening in nature. here are a few easy fall crafts i’ve put together over the years.

god’s eyes


these are a simple craft – all you need is yarn and sticks. last year we made them while watching football and eating taco dip. i picked up four rolls of yarn in autumnal colors, and we foraged for sticks in our yard. i also had some beads and feathers laying around that we used for embellishments.

first you form the sticks into a cross and tie them with your first color of yarn. then you begin weaving the yarn in any way you please around the sticks, alternating yarn colors to form patterns. god’s eyes are a spiritual craft, and as you weave the yarn around the sticks, you say a prayer or a spell. you have an intent. last year, i made two crafts. my first prayer was for our home to have good health – both physical and spiritual. my second prayer was for the packers to have a good season.


leaf garland

we have a gorgeous mantle, so it’s fun to decorate it for the season. i made a garland out of felt leaves to drape over the mantle – it could also be hung on desks, over door and window frames, or on handrails. for this project, you will need felt squares in different colors, real leaves, a little flour, yarn, a felting needle, and optionally beads if you want and embellishment.

i picked out leaves from our yard – oak, redbud, maple, and laurel. i traced these leaves onto the felt by laying them atop the felt, then sprinkling flour around the leaf edges. once you lift the leaf, an outline will be left that brushes off easily once you’re done cutting. i then strung the cutouts together on yarn (using a felting needle) with some beads in between. it helps to tie knots around each leaf so it doesn’t move.

the best part about making these was the experience of laying in bed under the covers, listening to ryan adams or fleetwood mac or guided by voices (my autumnal music),  and stringing the leaves together. it felt so seasonal and cozy.



pressed leaves

another easy craft is the classic pressed leaves. for this craft you will need lots of leaves in pretty colors, wax paper, and an iron. you just lay the leaves between to layers of wax paper (waxy side facing inward!), and iron! the iron does destroy a little of the fall color, but the papers still look awesome. we like to hang these in the windows. of course, the best part of this craft is hunting around outside for the prettiest fall leaves. we gathered ours from national forest land up in the mountains.

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