my final trip – the wild and wonderful upper peninsula (UP) of michigan! the UP is the remote and undeveloped land in the northern US surrounded by lake superior on one side and lake michigan on the other. the forests are dense and lush, the cliffs and picturesque, and there are waterfalls everywhere!

after green bay, i met up with aunt brenda in dewitt. we both were excited to spend time together, as throughout my adult life we had never gotten to hang out just the two of us! we had dinner at a cool little cafe then planned and packed for the days ahead. we woke up early to make the five hour drive north, stopping in a sleepy small town for donuts and coffee.


crossing the mackinac bridge into the land of the upper peninsula! this is one of the longest bridges in the world, spanning five whole miles.


i love this!


our first stop was lower tahquamenon falls. as soon as we got out of the car all I could think was – maine! birch trees, moss, ferns, and rocky creeks.



upper taquhamenon falls.




our little yurt village in munising! we stayed a night in a yurt, a first for both of us. it was quite luxurious, having twin bunk beds, a space heater, and a fridge. the best part is that it was right on the beaches of lake superior. we drank beers in adirondaks, feet in the sand. then we went off to explore the many waterfalls in the area.


feet in the sand on the shores of lake superior, looking out at grand isle.

just driving around the UP was amazing. it’s very remote – the towns are small and quaint, and you can tell the year round locals are tough and self-sufficient. it feels worlds away from the rest of the US.

the next morning, we were set to go kayaking and view pictured rocks, but the 20 mile and hour winds and 10 foot tall waves kept us out of the water. instead, we went on an awesome six mile hike out to chapel rock, passing chapel falls on the way.


chapel falls.





ten foot waves on lake superior!


chapel rock, pictured rocks national seashore.




the pictured rocks of pictured rocks national seashore.


birch trees eeirly towering over my aunt. the woods throughout this hike were so beautiful – quiet, pristine, mysterious. much like the UP itself!

this trip concluded my two months of travel and visits with family and friends. for now, i’m back in athens working on a very exciting new venture … getting my etsy shop open! more details and a full reveal of that to come soon 🙂

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