this year my family finally made a pilgrimage to watch a packers game at their home of lambeau field in green bay, wisconsin. we were celebrating my dad’s birthday, and a lifelong devotion to the packers. my parents got engaged at lambeau and one of my brother’s is named after an old coach. this was my first trip to lambeau and my first time ever seeing the packers win! IMG_20170924_110035

first of all, this stadium is special because it’s in a small town. there’s tons of room around the stadium for a mini-packers city including elaborate tailgates, a brewery, and this amazing sledding hill!!


we arrived to green bay early and spent the afternoon drinking beers and watching the fans. it was amazing to be around so many packers fans, all so devoted. in the past we’ve always been the away team and had to contend with rowdy and rude fans of the opposite team (looking at you falcons fans).


wince lombardi, legendary packers coach and my brother’s namesake.


curly lambeau, plus mom and vince.


our gate!


geeking out pre-game watching them warm up.


the packers won but it was rather tumultuous. we got down 14 points at the half and staged an epic comeback that stretched into overtime. what a way to see them win!


so happy to be there, so thankful to my parents for taking us!


a trip to wisconsin wouldn’t be complete without a stop for cheese curds on the way home 🙂

1 thought on “pilgrimage

  1. You guys look so cute and happy and awesome!

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