mushrooms, banjos, cats, & trees

since asheville, life has gotten away from me. my last several weeks at work before my quarter life crisis/ retirement part one have been jammed packed, interspersed with nights swimming in lakes, drinking with friends, and playing the new banjo. we’ve been traveling every weekend too, lake house in blairsville, souh carolina, and now rva … traveling for no real reason other than we are bored with athens and trying to spend more time with loved ones. here’s what we’ve been up to inbetween. 

anyone in the southeast knows it’s been a banner year for mushrooms, first morels, now chanterelles. of course since i don’t eat mushrooms, i’m more interested  in some of the non-edible species like the old man of the woods and giant greengills pictured above. greengill grows in fairy ringe, and they have been epic this year. one night i danced inside one at sunset and i’m pretty sure it brought good luck.

andrew got a banjo for his birthday and we are both learning to play. sounds of someone playing the banjo fill the house every night and i love it. my favorite place to play is in my rocking chair in the front yard.

we lost a huge limb on our water oak in storms a couple weekends back. luckily it didn’t do too much damage. we decided to take care of it ourselves because we wanted to make mushroom logs out of it. it was a little treacherous getting it pulled to the ground, but we figured out how to rope it and slowly fell it. sometimes my arborist training is useful irl.

also got to practice my chainsaw skills which is always both terrifying and envigorating.

in other news, our big cats are still fat and lazy and our little cat is still causing mischief.

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