linville gorge


two weeks ago i was lucky enough to spend three days backpacking in linville gorge. the gorge is all designated wilderness, and is renowned for its rugged trails, grueling climbs, and picaresque river. linville did not disappoint. highlights include: ripe blueberries, blooming mountain laurel, camping along the river, climbing table rock, swimming in the ice cold river post hike, and teaching my brother to eat sourwood. here are some pictures my brother took.

backpacking is special to me because it combines my two favorite things in the world: hiking and camping. with my brother, andrew, and brad in tow, spending time with the ones i love made it even better. i cherish every moment out on the trail, living in the world of no phones, no gossip, no drama, no money, no distractions, just communion with nature and self.

however, i usually get so deeply immersed in the experience that it is very difficult for me to come back to civilization. i fall into depression for days, and in this case weeks. all i’ve been able to think about over the last two weeks is returning to the woods. it’s rather escapist.

i think one way to cure this would be to live a life closer to nature on a regular basis. right now, we live in town – which is what i wanted – in order to be walking distance to work, bars, parks, etc. i have a little side yard i’ve worked hard on, but it’s not quiet here. it’s not still. i’m still surrounded by the bustle of the city.

i hope the next place we relocate to is in the woods. i think this will bring me great joy. anyways, pictures!










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