first garden: weeks 11-20


2015: photos and updates from the second quarter of the container garden’s life.

week 11:

my bb in his randall cobb throwback jersey inspecting some hot peppers.



i pulled all the cool weather plants except the peas.

cherry tomatoes, basil, peppers.


container okra. i was skeptical it would produce much.


cucumber teepee.



baby peppers r so cute.



red oakleaf lettuce.

week 12:

i estimated that this was the week i broke even on amount of food grown vs amount of money invested, of course not taking into account our time. i also built a worm bin this week.


bright lights rainbow chard and purple beans. it amazed me that cultivars with crazy fruit colors also had similarly colored leaves.


like burgandy okra


potato can dying back. there weren’t too terribly many potatoes in there, but we did get over a dozen.

the container grown tomatoes were both delicious and prolific, but the birds often got to them before us!


green onions.


week 13:


“A couple of nights ago, at dusk, we had just gotten home from a long sunset walk. As we walked up the alley to our driveway, I felt a wave of happiness and warmth overcome me. I held Andrew’s hand tight and smiled big as I looked over my little kingdom. I thought about the worms wriggling and eating in their bin, the tea garden in the front, the alfalfa inside that’s finished sprouting, the fresh baked bagels and breads, home cooked meals every night, homemade toothpaste and detergents … As I thought about all the little things we have been doing, all the small ways we find to grow our self-sufficiency, I felt proud. As we stood there and took it all in, I turned to Andrew and said, “It’s not the big homestead in the mountains I’m always dreaming of … but we built this ourselves, using what we had available to us, and it’s perfect just as it is.” ”

week 14:



burgandy okra – an heirloom.


italian peppers


san marzano tomatoes<3

week 16:


cucumber vines are beautiful and pollinators love them.


cherry tomatoes and hot peppers chillin in the pool.

week 17:


one issue we had with the container garden is that we would only harvest a few tomatoes a week. it was never enough to make sauce or anything substantial. but the chard was plentiful and pretty.


recycling bins make the best containers because the hard plastic is meant to sit outside and they never crack!


pole beans.


my very first drying rack for herbs.

week 18:

this week it was so hot and everything in the garden had about had it. we spent our sunday in the mountains, wading through creeks, climbing through rhododendron tunnels, following game trails, and scrambling up and down hillsides. we went swimming at wildcat sliding rock. and all along the way we foraged for blackberries and chanterelles. the blackberries were perfectly ripe.











okra flowers bloom in the morning and close mid-afternoon. so beautiful.


we grilled these suckers.


week 19:


” No big update this week. I just wanted to share the ingredients of last night’s dinner. We grew the basil, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, and rosemary, which means that well over half of this dinner was homegrown. I sautéed everything up in a big Italian stir fry, with a red wine and balsamic vinegar sauce. I can’t express how amazing it felt to eat a meal that I had so much stake in. I’m sure any gardener would relate. I mean, it’s a small miracle: I grew this shit myself. With dirt I mixed by hand, with water I drew from the faucet; I pruned this plant, I watched it every damn day for months. I feel so lucky. I wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world- in the end, I know this is the feeling that is going to sustain my homesteading efforts; this is the feeling that is going to inspire me when things don’t go my way; this is the feeling that gives my life purpose. ”

week 20:



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