make: stock

even though we’re just apartment homesteaders, i still practice zero waste and self provisioning as much as possible. one of my favorite easy things to make is veggie stock. i keep a tupperware or a bag in my freezer, and throw in food scraps every day. once the bag fills up, i dump all the frozen scraps into a stockpot and make stock.

i usually supplement the scraps with a few quartered onions and some celery from my garden. not all scraps are good for stock. as a rule, anything in the brassica family should be avoided. that means – brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and kale. i also don’t use radishes or garlic trimmings. examples of good stock veggie scraps:

  • carrot ends
  • potato (sweet and regular) peels
  • any stems or stalks of any herbs
  • tomato ends
  • spinach stems
  • onion ends
  • fennel tops
  • cheese rinds (obviously not vegan)

anything unsuitable goes into the compost bin, and anything usable goes into the freezer. throw all your veggies in a pot and cover with 2″ of water. boil for about an hour with the lid cracked – today i accidentally let mine go almost two, no worries. try to keep it somewhere between a simmer and a boil.

strain the scraps out and put up your stock in jars. throw your stained scraps into the compost. you could go through the process of pressure canning the jars, but i just throw mine all in the fridge. we go through stock fast enough that i never worry about getting sick. obviously, smell your stock before you use it.

i put stock in everything. it’s great to add some as cooking water for rice, pasta, or quinoa; steaming liquid for veggies, roasting liquid, etc.

seeing as organic veggie stock is $3/ quart, this saves us a heck of a lot of money.

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