make: sauerkraut 

three weeks post holidays and we are finally settling back in, which means … fermentation station! my kombucha is producing (made lavender lemonade flavored this week – yum), i’m starting another garlic honey ferment, and we prepared our first batch of sauerkraut in years! inspired by sandor katz’ classic book wild fermentation, we decided to use red cabbage, green cabbage, and carrots! kraut is stupidly easy to make and so, so good for you.

homemade sauerkraut step by step

supplies: cabbage, wide mouth mason jar of your choosing, small mouth mason jar (or fancy weight), cotton fabric (or fancy airlock mason lid), salt

  1. decide on your batch size and purchase your cabbage. one medium sized head will make a little less than one quart.
  2. slice your cabbage very thin – as thin as you can reasonably get it. save one outer leaf of your cabbage for later
  3. throw your cabbage in a bowl with 2-3 tsp salt per head (season to your liking, but do not over salt)
  4. massage the cabbage with your hands. the salt will release moisture and begin wilting the cabbage. you are creating a brine for your cabbage to ferment in. massage until cabbage is wet and there is standing liquid in the bottom of the bowl
  5. begin packing your wide-mouth mason jar. throw a handful in, pack it down. repeat until all your cabbage is in the jar
  6. at this point, the brine should be covering your cabbage. place the whole leaf on the top, and pack down until it is submerged (make sure all its sides are submerged or it will get moldy)
  7. fill small mason jar with rocks or some other weight. set it (or your fancy glass weight) on top of the submerged leaf to hold everything down
  8. cover top of wide-mouth jar with either cloth (securing using ring or rubber bands) or fancy airlock top
  9. let sit for 7 days and begin tasting. once it has fermented to your living, stick it in the fridge and chow down. your gut will thank you!

andrew got me these awesome airlock lids and glass weights for christmas. talk about the way to a woman’s heart 😀

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  1. sounds wonderful….would loveto samp,w

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