winter mushrooms

last week, i was lucky to be out of the office building trails. the mornings were damp and the temps were warm … all the winter mushrooms were out to play! pictured above are some beautiful oysters (edible!). mushroom fact of the day – there are three main ‘types’ of fungi – parasitic fungi who feed on their live host, mycorrhizal fungi who exist in a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, and saprophytic fungi who feed on dead matter. all the fungi featured in this post are saprophytic – all were found growing on dead wood. 

there is all sorts of folklore passed around about mushrooms in relation to what’s safe to eat. some people will tell you fungi that grow on wood are edible, and those on the ground are poisonous. never believe any of this nonsense! there are edible mushrooms of each of the three types … by the same token poisonous fungi exist of all three types too. the one liner you SHOULD keep in mind when it comes to anything edible in the forest is to NOT eat anything which you can’t identify with certainty. plants can be much easier to identify than mushrooms, so it is always recommended to have an experienced mushroom forager verify your finds before you eat them. if you live in the athens area, andrew and i are more than happy (read: ecstatic) to go for a walk with you to look at mushrooms ❤

cute little lbm’s (little brown mushrooms – mycology speak for ‘i have no clue what that is’)

amazing mycelium – the ‘roots’ of mushrooms!

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