my grandparents were so wonderful. my siblings and i had the privilege of spending tons of time with them growing up, as they took care of us when my parents worked and were very active in our lives. we all consider them our second parents. my grandpa passed a few years ago, and my grandma passed away back in april. her death has been very hard on me, moreso than my grandpa’s because now they both are gone – we sold the house we grew up in, and everything feels more final. 

these are my tattoos in memory of my grandparents. on my right wrist, i have the italian word for ‘strength’ in my grandpa’s handwriting. on my right wrist, the word for ‘love’ in my grandma’s handwriting. i picked these two words because they were the qualities of each of them respectively that i work to embody in my life. my grandpa had strong morals and believed that family was everything. he was a devout catholic who lived through a lot and never complained. my grandma was the most loving person i have ever known. she showed unconditional kindness to everyone she met, no matter who they were.

my sister helped me use handwriting samples to piece together the words. i had both tattoos done at evolved body art in columbus, oh. every day i look down at my wrists and think of my grandparents. when i’m having a hard time i think of these qualities and try to find them in myself.

2 thoughts on “amore

  1. Your tattoos are beautiful. I’m sure they are bittersweet.

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