make: sleep pillows

i’m not much of an artist, but i do love to craft, which is why i think herbalism speaks to me so much. it requires no special skills besides a reverence for the plants and a desire to learn. with wonderful resources like rosemary gladstar, i have had no trouble learning. here’s her recipe for a sleep pillow. it’s a small sachet of herbs you tuck into your pillowcase for a restful night’s sleep.

you can sew the little pouches yourself out of muslin or fabric, but i just bought a 100 pack off amazon, figuring they would be useful for a variety of things. gather your herbs and make yourself a little sacred space. think happy, relaxing thoughts. i thought about being curled up in bed under fleece blankets with my partner and our three cats on a sunday morning 🙂

fill each sachet with: 1 TB rose petals, 1 TB chamomile flowers, 1 TB hop flowers, and 1 TB lavender flowers (all dried herbs). drop 1 drop lavender essential oil into the pouch before you seal it, either by pulling and tying off the strings of sewing the last side up. tuck into your pillowcase or give to a friend.

little things like this bring me so much joy!

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