washington dc

wow. i just got back to my parents house after four jam packed days of travel and adventure! my first stop was washington dc, where my brother and his girlfriend live in the glover park neighborhood. we ate well, did plenty of city walking, watching an unfortunate football game, and of course saw the sights. anybody who knows me knows that i am a homebody – sometimes too much so. i often talk myself out of doing things in my community, travelling, of being social because i just want to stay at home. a lot of this has to do with my social anxiety issues and a lot of it has to do with fear of discomfort. this has lead to me staying holed up in my house and missing out on a lot of experiences.

going into this little roadtrip, i was honestly stressing out big time. i was worried i would have no down time to relax, and that being on the go all the time was going to be awful. all these emotions could have held me back from being immersed in the experience of travelling and seeing new things. so the first day of my trip, i got on my mat and practiced the mantra:

i surrender to the adventure.

and it worked! what an adventure i had, even despite lots of bad headaches and very little sleep. throwing myself out of my comfort zone has renewed an adventurous energy in me that i have missed dearly.

on to the pictures of the dc sights! this was the first leg of my journey:

washington monument on the mall.

tomb of the unknown solider.

arlington national cemetery.

marine corps war memorial.

awesome and huge community garden in the park across the street from my brother’s house

japanese maples on our hike in rock creek park.

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