finally. it finally rained today for the first time in two months. i’ve never been happier to step outside and have my feet get all soggy. rain makes us all happy. it provides nourishment for the insects. it brings the mycelium to life. it settles the dust. it is literally life-giving for our trees, who are life-giving for us. 

i love rainy days at home. sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of something warm and listening to the rain is one of my favorite cozy feelings. today i used the time indoors to make crafts, read, watch nature videos, and rest.

once the rain stopped and the football game ended, i ventured outside to sit. i wandered around my yard today, examining all the leftover water droplets and feeling the wet leaves slush underfoot. i listened to the birds, who seemed hesitant and a little frantic. finally, i came to my sit spot, leaned my head back, and watched the tree tops and dark clouds until night fell.

i hope the rain moved north and helped mitigate some of the forest fires burning up there. yes, forest fires are indeed natural and necessary; however there is mounting proof that many of the fires were arson 😦

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