make: garlic honey ferment

saturday mornings around here are for making stuff. this morning i baked two loaves of spent grain bread, made half a gallon of my nervine tea, made hummus, and finally tried something i’ve had my eye on for a while – fermented garlic in honey! i first saw this on GFCF, and knew i had to try it – we love garlic and we loce honey. both have powerful anti-viral/ anti-bacterial properties, so this is the perfect ferment heading into the cold season. 

it was absurdly easy – i used one large head of garlic and a half a cup or so of honey. peel garlic. fill your container 3/4 the way. top with enough honey to cover garlic. screw lid on loose so air can escape once fermentation begins.

it ferments for about one month. i’ll check back in once it’s done!

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