make: breakfast tacos

i had a long week at work, culminating in a 15-hour day yesterday. this morning, i gave myself the gift of sleeping in until 11 AM. i woke up, practiced yoga, put a pot of coffee on, and fixed myself three breakfast tacos. so simple. so easy. and today, they felt like such a gift. i used free range eggs from a local farm and cherry tomatoes from our CSA. eating organic and local always brings a smile to my face.

christine’s breakfast tacos (for one)

  • 2 eggs
  • 3 small tortillas
  • any veggie fixin’s you have on hand – tomatoes, scallions, spinach, mushrooms – whatever you like!
  • cheese (or not)
  • hot sauce (or not)

scramble the eggs and cook with cheese in a small pan. if you are using greens, throw these in the pan with oil or butter to cook them down a bit first, then pour the eggs over the top. cut up the rest of your veggies into bite sized pieces. heat your tortillas in the over under the broiler for  a minute or two. divide the egg mixture evenly among the tortillas. top with hot sauce. top with veggies. roll up and enjoy!

i used to chastise myself for sleeping in late – there’s so much to be done, the to-do list never ends, etc etc. now i try to listen to my body, in all aspects. when 7 AM rolled around, my body did not want to get up. and when i finally did get up, the very first thing (not joking) that popped into my mind was – breakfast tacos! i find listening to my body and it’s true needs very empowering.

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