i am drawn to bones. finding one while mulling around in the woods feels like a serious score. i used to collect all the ones i found. one of my old employees gently told me that animals need the bones, that they gnaw on them as a source of calcium. i half believed her and stopped collecting so many bones in good faith.

yesterday morning i was looking out my kitchen window in the early dawn. i have a little bed i creates under a maple tree that i lined with leg bones from a deer. a squirrel was gnawing on one of the bones. i mean gnawing away on that thing.

very cool to see and i now i believe her. she actually taught me many things, including how to identify trees and the difference between a bird’s nest and a squirrel’s nest. one time we even saved a gaggle of frog eggs from drying out!

today i am grateful for all the things i learn from others, especially the unexpected.

1 thought on “bone

  1. I’m loving the tone of root lore, it suits you.

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